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This David Lindsey Concert Grand is being sold by a pastor friend of ours who is very indecisive about his dulcimers!  He’s bought several over the past couple years, then finds the “perfect” one, so sells his most recent acquisition.  This dulcimer, for that reason, is barely used.  Mike describes it this way, “This instrument is a wonderful-sounding dulcimer.  And as you know I have played a number of them.  I have changed strings to give it more range*...It has a very rich, warm, focused tone, with a fast attack, so you can play very fast and it doesn’t sound muddy anywhere on the instrument...There is just the right amount of volume and the rate of decay is very nice, you hear it, but it is not interfering with the new notes as you strike them... Also, this instrument stays in tune very well...”

*What Mike has done with the strings is to replace one of trio on the bass bridge with one that plays an octave lower.  He has removed the middle string, so it can be played striking both strings (2 octaves) or just one string, high or low octave.  Mike is asking only $1,500 for the dulcimer, case, and stand!  Check out davidsdulcimers.com for more information on this model, and if you want to talk to Mike, let me know and I’ll put you in contact with him.  He lives in Iowa and has the dulcimer in his possession.


High Country Dulcimers

Bargain Alert! - Price Reduction!! 
$1,550 and this very beautiful dulcimer and stand is yours!


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