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Technically, this beautiful MasterWorks Sepalli Pioneer 15/14 dulcimer is used, but only barely.  It doesn’t have a mark on it anywhere!  It comes with a padded case, a pair of Russell Cook double-sided hammers with picks, and a tuning wrench.  All for only $599 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental US!!


I love finding good stuff at thrift stores, such as this lovely McSpadden walnut dulcimer!  Although the case is rough, the dulcimer itself looks untouched.  Beautiful scrolled headstock and wood tuners!  Included with this instrument are a new set of strings, a pick and noter.  You won’t find a better bargain for such a quality instrument as this one for $299.00, which is about half the price of a new one!  FREE SHIPPING in the continental US!


Pull out your favorite tie-dye T-shirt, put some flowers in your hair and have some fun with this groovy soprano ukulele by Kala.  The Peace Symbol on the headstock adds to the festive look – all it needs is someone to love some tunes into it!  And just for kicks, we’ll include a matching tuner!  All for only $74.95.
The perfect starter instrument, also great as a 2nd dulcimer for traveling!  This is a used Meadowlark, 13/12, built by Rick Thum “back in the day”.  It was used in workshops and has a number written on the front rail in marker.  Comes with a padded case, a pair of hammers, and a tuning chart.  All for just $199!
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